Santa Claus visits Decatur for one night

Santa Claus stands atop a building facing a crowd of around a thousand, he asks his audience for two favors. His first request, “Go to bed early” received shouts of disapproval from the children and laughs from their parents. The other, a request for milk and cookies caused laughter to erupt from the entire audience.

Every year, Little Shop of Stories hosts a Christmas tree lighting. Families gather to watch the festivities. The 4/5 Academy’s chorus dressed in polo shirts and khakis with the addition of a Santa hat, performed many holiday tunes right outside Little Shop of Stories’ door.

About 30 minutes into the performance Santa made an appearance next to the soon-to-be lit Christmas tree. Children sit on their parents shoulders, staring in awe at the man in the red suit standing above the store.

“Three, two, one…” An array of green lights illuminate the top of the building. Santa Claus celebrates and sends the crowd on their way, reminding all of the children not to be naughty.

Once the commotion dies down, artificial snow machines bring winter weather to Decatur.

Listen to Santa Claus here.