Review: Interstellar

Mary Margaret Stewart

Interstellar is a thought-provoking, post-apocalyptic action film about the Earth becoming uninhabitable after a second Dust Bowl. The movie stars some of Hollywood’s best – Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway – adding great depth to the film with their side-by-side passion for acting and their co lead connection. Luckily, McConaughey produced a healthy-looking performance after his extreme weight loss to star in Dallas Buyers Club. Seeing Interstellar in theaters was quite the experience, packed with rocket ships blasting off and various climactic explosions that shook theater seats and audience members’ eardrums. This movie stimulates all the viewers’ senses in theaters, but can feasibly have the same effect, regardless of location, with quality speakers. While some of the science could’ve been difficult for an average audience to follow, Interstellar required little to no previous scientific knowledge. With the use of brain power and buttery popcorn energy, viewers can easily follow this action film, leaving the theater feeling like they truly experienced Interstellar, and all its details along the way.