A day at the Dragon*Con(s)

Every year, near the end of August, downtown Atlanta is filled to the brim with fans of all flavors– film, television, gaming, comics, you name it. This year, of course, was no exception. Dressed up as anything from Harley Quinn to Boba Fett, over 50,000 proud geeks took to the streets for a whole four-day weekend. I’m almost sure that you know what I’m talking about– it’s in the title of the story, for one thing, and for about a week before and after it’s mentioned by every radio station/morning news program/pizza place trivia night in Metro Atlanta.


Dragon*Con is the biggest pop-culture convention (read: giant nerd party) in the world– not the Southeast, not America, but the World. Its annual parade is the largest in Atlanta, with over 3,000 participants and streets lined completely with spectators. The sheer size of the convention is impressive (if a bit terrifying), and to walk among its visitors is definitely an experience– Everyone who’s been has a story. Bearded Leias, hordes of Ghostbusters, that one guy dressed as a character from that one thing that you swore to god nobody watched but you. And sure, I have those stories as well. Last year, I saw Tom Felton. On the street, by himself, just walking along! And I didn’t even say hi, can you believe it? I was worried that it wasn’t him.


Anyway, 2013’s convention was different in that I actually bought a ticket. Yes, that’s right– for one Saturday, I shelled out fifty dollars, donned a costume that took me way too long to make, and took to the streets with fellow enjoyers of media (and spectacle). And, lucky you! You get to come along– through the magic of photography, anyway, but at least it’s free.


So buckle up, nerds– and please understand that I don’t mean to use that term insultingly.