Movie Review: The Avengers


The six superheroes had to work together to stop the world being overrun by villains.

Review by Sam McLemore:

For me, the perfect movie contains action, humor and a good plot. “The Avengers” is the only movie in a while that has pulled off all three of these characteristics on the big screens.

“The Avengers” is the culmination of many individual superhero movies and is by far the best. There are more explosions, more action moves, and more punch lines than ever. This is the much anticipated culmination of the Hulk, Iron man, Thor, and Captain America movies.

You will be on the edge of your seat one moment and paralyzed with laughter the next. I really enjoyed following the series from the individual movies to this one. I was starting to move away from Superhero movies because they were predictable. This isn’t the case with Avengers.

I am not alone with my opinion. Currently “The Avengers” is at the top of the box office with a new record for first weekend sales at over $400 million. This is a well deserved title.

Be sure to stay to the very end after the credits. You will thank me later.


Review by Claire DePree:

The Avengers is a movie which combines the story lines of many different superheroes into one action packed movie. In the film, six of the classic heroes (Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Thor) join together to fight the world being taken over by Thor’s evil, power hungry brother. The best thing about the film, though, is not the plot but rather the seamless integration of funny one-liners into the dialogue.

Additionally, the fact that Mark Roffualo plays the Hulk adds to the quality of the movie – Ruffalo played the part so perfectly, both as a mild-mannered nerd and as an unstoppable killing machine. In retrospect, all of the actors were really perfect for their roles.

Of course, needless to say, the visuals in the movie were fantastic. The only thing that ended up being tiresome was scene after scene of the city being destroyed. When the end of the final fight scene eventually rolled around, it seemed like there were no more buildings to knock down. Despite this, the Avengers was a perfect balance between action and adventure with a bit of comedy. Definitely worth the two and-a-half hours.