Steps of Young Entrepreneurs

“Reselling” grows in Decatur


Normal high school jobs most often include professions like waiters, lifeguards or cashiers. With the reliance on the internet however, more money making opportunities have become available to teens, one of these jobs being a “Reseller.”

“Resellers” are individuals who make money by reselling highly sought after and or limited products. “Resellers” often get their hands on the desired products first and after the demand for said product increases, they’ll sell it back to the market at a higher price, creating a profit.

Freshman Lewis Sinclair began reselling shoes online when he was in seventh grade after he was introduced to the business by a friend.

“I didn’t know anything when I started,” Sinclair said. “My friend invited me to a sneaker event and I went and started to learn the concept of reselling. I’ve come a long way since then and I’m still learning every day.”

Most of his business is done online, using sites like Grailed, Goat and Stockx, all of which are specifically designed to resell clothing items. The platform Sinclair uses the most, however, is social media, more specifically Instagram.

“I run an Instagram, @atlsolez, with my friend, it has just under 3,000 followers,” Sinclair said. “We try and post a new shoe for sale at least once a week to stay active and so people check back to see what shoes we have for sale.”

Sophomore Jack Cotter is also involved in the business of reselling. For Cotter, the process of choosing which items to resell comes down to a variety of criteria.

“How limited it is, supply and demand, if the demand is very high and the supply is very low and there’s not a lot out there, some shoes sell out instantly…and then everyone wants them,” Cotter said.

Sinclair added that brands, sizes and quality also play major roles.

“I personally sell more used [products] but you get more money if you sell new,” Cotter said.

“Resellers” find their items in a variety of different ways. Cotter uses his social media presence to form connections with other “Resellers” and using these connections he is able to locate more items to resell.

“Well, first of all, I use Instagram, I’ll tell people that I’m buying shoes and that they should sell them to me,” Cotter said.

Cotter also uses social media as a means to find products.


“I follow different accounts on Instagram who leak what’s coming up or stuff like that,” he said. “They leak stuff about the product before it comes out so you can look at what it’s going for… but you can tell what size and patterns are going to go for the most.”

Along with social media, “Resellers” get their hands on products directly from the companies themselves. Using methods like first come first serve, where the first person to arrive receives the product, or raffles, where people pay a set amount of money to enter and winners of the product are chosen at random, companies are able to keep the number of items they release limited in number.

“If it’s a sought after item, sell out times can be around fifteen seconds. If you’re one of the people who were lucky enough to get the item, you can resell it and people who couldn’t get it originally will pay double or triple the original price,” Cotter said.

Even though the day to day operations of reselling are done in isolation, a strong community has formed amongst the entrepreneurs.

“I’ve seen 80-year-olds standing in line and I’ve seen five-year-olds standing in line,” Cotter said. “At every single drop I see the same people and you know them and you see them every single time. You’re standing days in line with them so you get to know them.”

As for now, Sinclair views reselling as a more of a hobby, simply something that allows him to keep money in his pocket. Cotter, on the other hand, sees this as a potential career.

“I’ve wanted to start a store, which would be cool…it would be consignment or selling,” Cotter said. “I could get [the products] or let’s say somebody else wants to come in and sell their stuff. Instead of online, where they take a seller’s fee, shipping and stuff like that, you could come into the store and get the money immediately and don’t have to pay for fees. ”

Although the profession is relatively new and started as a way for people to earn extra cash, a strong community has since formed among the “Resellers.” This community is only to grow as their influence spreads.


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