Decatur Young Life visits Sharptop retreat

Emmie Poth-Nebel


For both Jorgensen (second from left) and Herold (Second from right), Sharptop offered a chance to bond with other Young Life members. (Photo courtesy of Happy Herold)

On Jan. 21, members of the Decatur Young Life group traveled to Sharptop Cove in Jasper, Ga.

According to Sharptop, the camp is the “perfect environment for guests to step back from the busyness of everyday life and into a fuller life with Christ.”

The trip was senior Emma Jorgensen’s second. Her experience was amazing, as well as a little easier in terms of navigating the camp.

“I kind of already knew the whole camp and club, where we talk about the Bible and life, was about and already knew the activities that we could do,” she said.

Some of those activities included hiking, dancing, singing and climbing rope courses.

Jorgensen found Young Life through her neighbors, and after attending one meeting, she “fell in love.”

Fellow senior Happy Herold enjoyed her first trip to Sharptop. Her experience, while similar to Jorgensen’s, proved novel.

(Photo courtesy of Happy Herold)

“I went body surfing,” she said. “Since I’m relatively new to Young Life, it was cool to be supported, physically and emotionally.”

Herold found the camp both relaxing and satisfying because she was “surrounded by good people with good morals.”

“We sing songs together, and that’s fun,” she said. “Sometimes, at club, we listen to a leader come out and they tell you about something that happened in their life and how it relates back to the Bible and the story it relates to.”

Sharptop also offered Herold an opportunity to reflect on what faith means to her.

“Sharptop helps people establish their own faith,” she said. “Young Life has a base in Christianity, but most of it is just people who want to live a good life.”

Young Life means a lot to me,” Jorgensen said. “Not only is it something that brings a lot of different people together, but it offers great opportunities and a time to talk about future plans and ways to improve.” (Photo courtesy of Happy Herold)