Students express their passions through film


Pictured here is Thomas Sinclair who is a member of the Distortion Record label. Pitts films his daily life and recently Distortion Records has taken the spotlight for Pitt’s videography.

Samuel Jones

Film offers a way to memorialize and commentate on the filmmaker’s subject of choice. For amateur videographers, Jelani Hunt, and Greyson Pitts, video allows them to memorialize their passion and share it far beyond the narrow audience of Decatur High School.

Junior, Jelani Hunt, saw a need for more lacrosse exposure after he noticed that “there wasn’t any kind of recognition online for when Decatur’s lacrosse team was really good.”

Broadcasting the visuals of lacrosse allowed Hunt to display the fascinating subculture of Decatur Lacrosse including its traditions and fierce rivalries.

Sharing his videos via YouTube offered Hunt more than just recognition. Shooting video of his team allowed him to commemorate important episodes of his life.

He learned everything he could about film himself, mainly through trial and error.  His friends helped them when they could, especially filling in footage gaps when he was on the field.

Fellow junior, Greyson Pitts, gave Hunt some of the inspiration to make his own videos. Pitts started making videos of his producing group “Distortion Records” this year, but he’s being making videos since the age of ten.

Before creating his own videos, Pitts was an avid YouTube user.

“Ever since YouTube was created I was always consuming creators content of many genres,” Pitts said. “Eventually I just got the mentality that I could do what I saw on YouTube or make it better.”

Besides being able to film himself, his record label, and his friends Pitts enjoys the artistic side of videography.

“I enjoy making videos because I like to express aesthetic, and I find the motion of film is the way I like to express myself best,” Pitts said.
Together the two improve their craft and document their individual experiences for a global audience as well as themselves.