Chorus earns all superiors at LGPE

Chaney Wynne

Just a week after the DHS band scored all superiors at Large Group Performance Evaluation (LGPE), it was time for the chorus to perform. The pressure was on.
On March 15, the chorus performed at Avondale Baptist Church for an event called LGPE. At LGPE, choirs in each district get evaluated on their performances by a set of judges. They sing two pieces and at least one must be A capella, or performed without instruments. The judges base a final score on rhythm, sound, how well their voices blend, and even their sight-reading abilities.

Eliza Sanders, Cheyenne Mcgirt, Josephine Brodie, and Edie Brush have been in chorus for several years. This was taken at a chorus concert last year. Photo courtesy of Edie Brush.

“These are usually the hardest songs we sing all year,” junior and chorus student Edie Brush said. “They really challenge our musical knowledge.”

Starting practice right after holiday break, the chorus prepared their pieces for almost three months. According to senior Teyler Alston, the chorus felt added pressure this year because “we were like oh my God, we have to be as good as band” after they got a perfect score when they played at LGPE, just a week before.

When the day of the performance finally came, Brush’s confidence wavered.

“Whenever we walk onto stage at LGPE I feel pretty nervous,” she said. “It’s nerve racking because we have been working on these 2 songs for months. We have been working so hard and now is our chance. And then we get on stage and get the green light to go and we always do our best performance on that stage.”

Their hard work paid off. Like band, both the advanced and intermediate choruses ended up earning all superior scores.

“We didn’t think we would because the sight reading was a lot harder this year and we didn’t do as well as we thought we would,” Brush said, “but we still came off with perfect scores and they left really nice comments about us and our teacher.”

Alston also felt pleasantly surprised.

“Last year we did well, but not all superiors,” Alston said. “This was the best we’ve ever done.”

Brush credits the effort and commitment every chorus student put into practice. Her favorite part of LGPE is seeing so many people sharing the same passion.

“I love being there for other choirs and hearing songs that we have done in the past and see what they do with it,” Brush said. “It is also a really supportive place with all the choirs there that you almost forget about the judges.”