Senior organizes concert for the arts


On Mar. 12 at 7 p.m., Decatur senior Sarah Phillips’ will debut her senior project.

For her project, she organized an outdoor concert in the Decatur Square Bandstand, featuring her own acoustic set.

After reserving the Bandstand with the City Hall events coordinator, Phillips reached out to a network of local musicians to secure “the best lineup of performers.”

Sarah Phillips 2
Sarah sang at Jam Night in November 2014 at a venue called Ozone, located in Orlando, Fl. Jam night is a collaborative open mic night, or an event for multiple musicians to come together and play on stage.

The concert will include freshman Luca Longini, sophomores Paige Garcia and Eden Biltoft, juniors Alexander Hollins and Cole Holden and native Atlanta musicians, Jon Gasque and Julie Gribble.

Although music shows are a popular event in and around Decatur, Phillips planned a public concert in Decatur for more reasons than just to present quality, local musicians.

The purpose is to raise awareness for the importance of music education by showcasing the talents of several student musicians and sharing stories of how their education in music has impacted them,” she said.

Initially, she wanted to coordinate a solely acoustic show to keep logistics simplified, but she saw talent beyond minimal equipment.

“I decided to open it up to more than just acoustic acts because I feel that we can exhibit a broader spectrum of talents that way,” she said. “More amps, drums and cords will be required, but the end result will be well worth it.”

Sarah Phillips 3
Sarah stands center stage, singing with her band “Crash Vulgar.” They played in July 2015 at BB King’s Blues Club Orlando in Florida.

Cole Holden, a student who plays the drums, will be featured in two separate sets. 

“Eden will be playing some of her originals, and I’ll be playing blues songs with Luca and Alexander,” Holden said.

After Phillips asked Holden to be a part of her project, he was happy to agree.

“It gives me another opportunity to perform and play with people I don’t usually get to play with,” he said. “It’s also Sarah’s senior project, so I had to support that.”