Junior starts new DHS photography club

Chaney Wynne

Isabelle Romano-Landry sparked the idea of a photography club in December when she attended a photography competition independently.

“I realized a bunch of schools were represented there, but DHS wasn’t represented there,” Romano-Landry said, “and I was thinking that would be really cool if DHS had a photography club and I wondered why no one had ever started it.”

So she did.

Romano-Landry decided to create a photography club for the school starting in January. She wanted “a new club for the new year.”

From there, she needed to figure out technical details like how to start an official school club, how to get students interested, when to meet, and more. She met with Ms. Williams who agreed to the idea of a photography club, as long as she found a sponsor.

Mr. Jones, the DHS graphic design teacher, agreed to sponsor the club and from there, Romano-Landry and Jones collaborated to create a plan for the club.

“I created an email, we created posters, we put it on announcements and at our first meeting 16 people showed up,” Romano-Landry said.

They decided the club would meet twice a month, every other Thursday.

“Every other meeting, I’ll have a guest photographer come in, share his stuff, critique the works,” Romano-Landry said. “On the first Thursday of the month, we choose a theme of the month.”

During the first meeting, Romano-Landry introduced the new club touched base with the students interested.

Junior Lily Guthrie was excited when she learned about the school’s emerging photography club.

On the first meeting of the month, the photography club chose black and white to be the month's theme. Lily Guthrie took this photo based on the theme.
On the first meeting of the month, the photography club chose black and white to be the month’s theme. Lily Guthrie took this photo based on the theme.

“I was in the photography club at Renfroe and when I got to Decatur, I was kind of disappointed that they didn’t have one,” Guthrie said. “When Isabelle mentioned the idea, I immediately wanted to join. Photography is something I really want to do and it’s even more fun to take pictures with people who are just as passionate about it as you.”

At the second meeting, Romano-Landry invited guest photographer, Chris Handley, to discuss his experience and critique the club member’s work.

“It was really cool to have him there,” Guthrie said. “He showed us his equipment, some of his work, talked about his photography background and gave us some tips on improving our techniques.”

Other students also appreciated the guest photographer’s insight.

“Even more people showed up at the second meeting when a guest photographer came and I thought that was pretty cool,” she said. “It could expand or a small group could be pretty nice just because it’s the beginning of a photography club and there’s still things to work out.”

As for the future of the club, Romano-Landry hopes it only grows.

“I’m hoping it won’t be just a this year sort of thing that it’ll continue into next year and even after I graduate, it’ll continue on,” she said. “One thing I heard one of the people in the photography club saying was that maybe if it became popular enough they could even turn it into a class.”

Guthrie looks forward to the club motivating and inspiring her photography.

“I’m looking forward to seeing other people’s work and getting inspired by them,” she said. “From the club, I hope to experiment with different techniques and become a better photographer overall.”