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Most talked about

Walk or pay

It’s impossible to miss the hoverboard trend that is sweeping the social media community by storm. The two- wheeled, self-balancing scooter is sold under multiple brand names and can be seen at offices, hoverboardairports and even school hallways. As cool as they may seem, why are we giving  them so much attention? It could be the imaginative science-fiction aspect of hoverboards that reminds us of movies like Back to The Future Part II. Or maybe it’s a novel way of “strutting your stuff.” Whatever the reason, hoverboards seem like another excuse to spend money on unnecessary toys, give into laziness and refuse to exert physical effort. Soon we’ll all be in “hoverchairs” with even higher obesity rates. To some, maybe the world of Wall-E seems worth it.    – Emilia Fuentes

Acapella App

Acapella from PicPlayPost defeats this summer’s fad, This app allows you to video yourself singing multiple times, then stitches the videos together as you pray for your harmony to work. While some use the app to showcase natural talent, others use it to win 15 seconds of Instagram fame. Acapella means zero instrumental support. You wouldn’t expect a rendition of Britney Spears’ “Toxic,” beginning with high-pitched, throaty sounds that are horribly harmonized, to sound much like the croak of the song’s infamous singer. With Acapella, the one-man band just might become a one-hit wonder.   Kaylan Ware


The Trending Holiday Outfit

‘Tis the season: white girls all across the country have begun digging through their closets to find the perfect turtleneck to pair with their favorite pair of cuffed boyfriend jeans. Somehow, this trend has managed to take off, with celebrities like Kendall Jenner sporting the style that tries so hard to resemble Beat Generation poets and latte-sipping philosophers. Some even add on a fanny pack to come off as the cool, practical hipster we all love. Sorry to break the news, but they look like The Rock circa 1990.   – Ellie Ritter


Bernie sanders

C’mon, millennials. Mr. Sanders racks up points with young people across the country for his controversial socialist views and consistent liberal efforts, even visiting Atlanta on Nov. 23. And sure, his plans sound great on paper – free college! $15 minimum wage! – but with $16.3 trillion in debt, they’re looking more like a far-fetched dream. While we like to believe he’s not like every other politician, Bernie takes advantage of our naïveté on the daily. 

Sasha Larson

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