Is social media pushing the boundaries of comedy?

Kobie Davis, Editor

Today it seems as if anything flies on social media. There are all kinds of posts on Vine, Twitter, and Instagram that seem to cross the line, but then go viral from reposts and people finding it humorous.

One of the biggest signs of this tasteless humor is the amount of “fight” accounts there are on social media now. These accounts are made only to post violent videos of people fighting and usually result in a knockout. Comments under these videos are usually “Lmao” or a laughing emoji.

It’s like we have become desensitized to everything. The kind of stuff that is spread around is usually violent, cruel, or just ignorant.

I’ve noticed that celebrities are being made off of these videos and they all have one thing in common: they are either special-ed or have a deformity. A-Town is one of the biggest ones.

He looks to be around five feet, has a speech impediment, and says things that are politically incorrect and or uncensored. He’s paraded around the country, making appearances at strip clubs and calling women “birds.” Now he has one million followers on Instagram and posts videos everyday making a fool of himself.

We shoFullSizeRenderuld hold ourselves to some higher morals and not allow this to be okay. Next time you’re on social media, think about what you want to share.