Why do I find myself . . .

Mary Margaret Stewart

RepeatmusicListening to songs on repeat

Don’t feel alone when you keep reaching for that repeat button. Many students find themselves playing top 40 favorites on loop,

Junior Denzel Taylor has gone through multiple songs, like “IDFWU” by Big Sean and “U Guessed It” by OG Maco.

He exhausts the repeat feature when he comes across a song with “lasting comedic effect,” or to figure out if Young Thug is “even speaking English” in his song “Lifestyle.”

“In most cases it’s because the melody, beat, tone and atmosphere of the song just connect with the listener, to be honest,” Taylor said.

Even an initial love for a tune pushed Taylor over the edge with some songs, and hearing a certain old, repeated tune on the radio moves him to change the station.


Craving Chick-fil-A on SundaysChickFila

A wave of thirst hits you at the Decatur Book Festival, and all you can think about is walking the two blocks it takes to get to the Chick-fil-A. Then you remember what day it is.

One of the worst realizations, when it comes to satisfying a craving for that beloved spicy chicken biscuit, is realizing that it’s Sunday.

Junior Connor Brooks thinks about going to Chick-fil-A on Sundays weekly, always disappointed that it’s closed. He doesn’t miss Chick-fil-A one day per week just because of food, though.

Decatur’s Chick-fil-A is home  to memories.

“After baseball workouts, me, Holden [Galatas, senior] and Josh [Suson-Mrak, junior] would usually go to Chick-fil-A for breakfast, and I always think about our memories from post workout breakfasts there,” Brooks said.

Still, the menu – breakfast, especially – is a warming invitation for Brooks, Monday through Saturday. On average, he frequents Chick-fil-A seven to eight times per week, or “way more than he should” to buy something spicy.


chapstickAddicted to Chapstick

Chapstick: the more you apply, the more you need. While Carmex or Eos are essential toiletries for harsh wintry weather or another Snowpocalypse, frequent use can quickly become a slippery slope.

Junior Olive McKay might as well be married to her hot pink Eos.

One day, she left her purse at home and immediately noticed herself wanting to apply chapstick after the morning pledge.

I love chapstick. I’m in love with it,” McKay said. “My favorite flavors are mint, apple cider and pink grapefruit.”

Her morning routine ends with putting chapstick on after eating breakfast, and it’s an addictive cycle until she reapplies for the last time right before going to bed. On average, McKay uses one of her three favorites 10 times per day.

However ridiculous that might sound, she subconsciously reaches for her chapstick during school or while doing homework.

“I can’t not put on chapstick . . . I need it,” she said. “Last night, when I was writing my Written Task two, I thought, ‘Ooh! I need my chapstick!’”

Illustrations by Duo-Wei Yang