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Maddie DePree and Mckenzie Rhone

Carpe Diem weighs in on the moment’s hot topics.



Eric Gluckman’s socksIMG_5868

Who knew mismatched footwear could be so snazzy? Freshman Eric Gluckman consistently rocks his socks through the halls. Our favorites are the tacos.



This new lingo is the cool way of agreeing with something. Instead of saying “okay” or “GOTCHA,” this one-syllable reply will keep you rolling with the in crowd.


Taylor Swift’s Christmas Giveaway

Not only did her latest record 1989 earn the largest sales week for an album since 2002, but Swift devoted much of her time over the holidays to sending personalized gifts and notes to her biggest fans. Great way to show your appreciation, Taylor!


calanderNew Year’s resolutions

We don’t ditch striving for self improvement, but drastic resolutions are naive. 2015 will likely not be the year you suddenly master Chinese Opera or find your own Liam Hemsworth. Besides, why wait for a new calendar to change. If you want something, go for it before the 1st.


To be honest, this social media trend is insincere and fake. Can your friend not tell you how they feel in person? Call ‘em up instead.

Splitting movies in half

Splitting movies in half to increase profit is only makes sense when there’s too much action to squeeze into one film. Breaking “Catching Fire” into two movies was ridiculous, considering that almost all of the drama unfolds in the second half of the book.