Freshman pursues her musical talent

Ella Burge

Paige Garcia copyIt’s Tuesday night at Eddie’s Attic, open mic night. Freshman Paige Garcia sits on the edge of the green-lit stage tuning her guitar. She is greeted over and over again by supportive friends and family wishing her good luck, barely visible in the dark room.

She sings three songs and finds the time to crack a few jokes and tell a few stories in between. She even jumps at the opportunity to mock herself when she strums the wrong chord, lightheartedly blaming it on her guitar being out of tune and winning over the crowds hearts.

Garcia started dancing at the age of four and quickly found her way into musical theatre where she discovered her love for singing.

“It’s not like math because I’m bad at math. When I sing I’m like, ‘yeah, I want to sing,’” Garcia said.

Garcia received her first guitar in 6th grade and got into the rockin’ blues style of music. She taught herself how to play the guitar.

“I just started playing chords and I got to the technical stuff later on. You’ve just got to stick with it,” Garcia said.

Though Garcia has performed at places like Napoleon’s and Harbour House, this was the first time she performed at Eddie’s Attic.

Nerves didn’t faze her and she found herself enjoying performing in the new atmosphere.

“It makes me feel so good. It makes me feel confident,” Garcia said.

Garcia sees herself taking her musical talent far and always having time for music in her life.

“I’ve never not liked [singing] and I can’t imagine myself not doing it,” Garcia said. “Whether it’s playing at a bar or singing the national anthem at a football game, I want to always be happy with playing music.”

Garcia has gone to see some recording studios but none of them have “tickled her fancy quite yet.”

Her musical idols include Regina Spektor, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Foo Fighters.

She struggles to pin down the style of her voice despite her tailored musical taste.

“I ask myself that question and I just don’t know,” Garcia said.

She may be young, but Garcia has developed some advice for those who desire to chase their dreams just like her.

“If you overthink it, it becomes an obstacle. You have to be outgoing with it. Don’t be afraid,” Garcia said.

Just like any other teenager, Garcia has her weird quirks. Before going on stage to perform, she takes off her shoes.

“It’s really weird. I like to feel the ground and feel the vibrations in the floor. It helps,” Garcia said.

Garcia hopes to learn how to play the bass, mandolin and banjo in the near future.

“The day I say I’ve succeeded will be the day when I truly know what success feels like. It will be when I feel the most happy,” Garcia said.