Montage of Heck

Hannah Jones

It is finally coming. The first “fully authorized” documentary following Nirvana’s lead singer, Kurt Cobain, will air on HBO next year. The documentary is fully supported by Cobain’s family with his daughter, Frances Bean, as an executive producer.

The title “Montage of Heck” references a mix tape that Cobain made in the late ’80s, a compilation of random noises, mixed with pieces of songs by bands such as the Beatles and Led Zeppelin.

Director Brett Morgen began working on this film eight years ago, and is surprised by the amount of Cobain’s unreleased material.

Morgen said, “Once I stepped into Kurt’s archive, I discovered over 200 hours of unreleased music and audio, a vast array of art projects (oil paintings, sculptures), countless hours of never-before-seen home movies and over 4,000 pages of writings that together help paint an intimate portrait of an artist who rarely revealed himself to the media.”

In a statement to Rolling Stone, Morgen said that Courtney Love initially came to him in 2007 with the idea for the documentary. He added that she wanted the film to show a side of Cobain that isn’t usually portrayed in the media.

Morgen agrees with Love’s vision and hopes that the documentary will reflect the contradiction that Cobain could be.

“Cobain could be sincere and sentimental, and also ironic and sarcastic. He was sweet and sour. He was incredibly funny, too, and the film has to reflect his spirit.”


Click here to listen to Cobain’s “Montage of Heck.”