The Ultimate Burrito Smackdown

Between Willy’s, Moe’s and Chipotle, each restaurant offers burritos, atmosphere and a place for busy high schoolers to chow down. Three students go head-to-head to defend the honor of their first-choice Mexican food. Which burrito will reign supreme? Check it out and then go see for yourself.

Senior Alex Kay, reppin’ Willy’s

burrito4Who would you eat Willy’s with?

“Anyone. Willy’s is a beautiful experience for the stomach and soul, and I would be happy to share it with anyone – or someone who buys me food.”

If you could make a Willy’s order with dessert ingredients, what would you put in it?

“A burrito with the tortilla as a crepe. Then I would stuff it with ice cream and cookies. Chocolate sauce would be the salsa.”

Senior Alex Kay describes Willy’s as “a paradise of fellow burrito eaters.”

“We all come to the temple of Mexican food to cherish its beauty and deliciousness,” Kay said. “The employees send good vibes through their hands into your food, making it taste better.”

He recollects his favorite Willy’s experience as being after an ultimate frisbee game.

“I was exhausted, which made the food taste extra scrumptious,” he said. “Also, a friend owed me money so my burrito was free. Free burritos always taste better.”

His go-to dish is nachos with steak and black beans topped with guacamole and salsa. He describes this as “a mound of dankness, which you then get to stuff in your mouth.”

For Kay, the Willy’s nachos outshine anything served at Moe’s or Chipotle.

“Chipotle is too expensive for their average-tasting food, and they always give you way too much rice,” Kay said. “Moe’s is not that bad, but their employees need to chill out with the shouting whenever someone walks in the door.”

He finds the Willy’s restaurant scene best for him and his friends. To Kay, the atmosphere is the most laid-back of the three burrito chains, unlike Moe’s and Chipotle.

“Chipotle is in downtown Decatur, which surely makes it packed with boring old people on breaks from work and middle schoolers being loud and obnoxious,” Kay said.

Junior Autumn autumncutoutPhillips, reppin’ Moe’s

How do you load up on chips at Moe’s?

“I know the guy at the counter, so he gives me extra chips.”

If you could make a Moe’s order with dessert ingredients, what would you make?

“Well, you know how they have those taco bowls, but instead it’s an ice cream bowl? So I’d put ice cream and brownies and gummy bears and chocolate sauce with chocolate ice cream and chocolate chips.”

Moe’s signature “Welcome to Moe’s!” greeting is a “cute” touch for junior Autumn Phillips. Still, when she walks in the door, the welcoming vibes are not the only upside,though.

“It’s affordable and it tastes good,” she said.

Her favorite menu item is the Joey Bag of Donuts (ironically, not a bag of donuts) with queso, chicken, black beans, “and all the other things that go on a burrito.”

Even though Willy’s and Chipotle sell a similar burrito, Phillips doesn’t like to branch out. The only two times she went to Chipotle, she left the restaurant with food poisoning. She also prefers Moe’s because of their good service.

“Yes, they have lines, but they get you out much quicker than Chipotle, so that’s a good thing,” she said.

Fast service isn’t the only factor. Phillips also prefers a generous portion of chips.

“You shouldn’t have to pay for chips,” Phillips said. “At Chipotle, I know for a fact that they want you to pay for chips . . . It should be free.”


Junior Tony Loggins, reppin’ Chipotle

What are you least likely to order off of the Chipotle menu?

“Salad. Salads just aren’t food. You might be full, but you won’t be fulfilled, because you just ate lettuce.”

If you could make a Chipotle order with dessert ingredients, what would you make?

“A dessert burrito bowl. Coconut as rice, jelly beans are beans, sprinkles are cheese, ice cream as guacamole, Fruit Roll-Up bits would be lettuce, and whipped cream as sour cream.”

Sitting in a Chipotle booth is where junior Tony Loggins declares his one love from the Chipotle menu: a burrito bowl packed with steak, cheese, salsa, black beans and guacamole.

“I get that all in a bowl because otherwise you have all these other problems,” he said. “The reason I like the bowls the best is because everything I eat in a burrito or a taco all just ends up, at some point of me eating it, in a giant mess, so I might as well just get a bowl.”

For Loggins, the burrito bowl is exactly what it claims to be: a heap of tortilla-less burrito toppings in a dish. A turn-off for Loggins from other Mexican chains is that they hide the fact that their food isn’t authentic. To him, Chipotle owns up to its Western-style Mexican cuisine.

“It’s more American,” Loggins said, gesturing around. “I mean, look at these guys. None of them are Hispanic.”

Chipotle is also Loggins’ choice because it seems like the healthiest option out of the three restaurants – or at least, it’s “just not greasy.” Unlike Chipotle, Moe’s “doesn’t feel like it’s good for you.”

“It just seems dirty. It’s one of those places where you don’t feel good about eating,” he said, “like McDonald’s. You’re like, ‘No one here sees me, right? No one’s around?’”

And Willy’s?

“No one likes Willy’s.”