Dragon Con Parade

Storm troopers from Star Wars

Siena Elliott, Dec Crew

On a hot and sticky Saturday morning, crowds gathered in downtown Atlanta to witness the 12th annual Dragon Con Parade.

The parade is started with the faint sounds of bagpipes in the distance, at first you may be a bit confused, but if you’re lucky enough to push your way through the mass of costumed onlookers you will see a petite old woman walking alone, with her bagpipes clutched tightly to her side.

As the sound of bagpipes fill the air you start to see the myriad of people following closely behind her cosplaying* as their favorite characters from myriad of different sci-fi, anime, video game, comic and other fictional areas.

The first throng of people contains men and women dressed as characters from well known movies such as Alien, Predator, and The Blues Brothers; along with an assortment of random figures such as a character from the podcast Welcome to Nightvale and the six flags guy.

The second wave of people bring with them the sounds of trumpets, drums, and even belly dancers. This is the Seed and Feed Marching Band, a local street band that often performs in local Atlanta events and has become a recurring part of the Dragon Con parade. Coming soon behind them is one of the biggest groups in the parade, the comic book characters.

Everyone is dressed as their favorite superhero or villain ranging from Captain America and his girls to Batman and the Joker. After them is the clan of spartans that look fresh from battle, accompanied by men and women wrapped in togas and bearing leafy crowns.

The next group after that is a rather unique but very spirited group dressed as the periodic table, promoting chemistry, biology, and things science. Behind them are the also ever popular Lord of Rings characters as well as other fantastical creatures from tv shows such as Doctor Who or Star Trek.

The last formally put together group is the eery and terrifying cast of the haunted house, Netherworld. The streets are filled with mist as dark, nightmarish creatures creep around hissing and jumping at those closest to the parade.

After the last ghoulish creatures pass by the rest of the parade is a free for with an abundance of different characters from different shows smiling, waving, and even taking selfies with those watching the parade.

As the parade comes to a close, the sound of bagpipes fills the air once again but this time kilted storm troopers take the streets followed by other Star Wars characters to end the festivities.

The Dragon Con parade is a must see Atlanta tradition that brings people together from over the nation to experience a presentation of some of the most colorful and unique personalities around.

*cosplaying is short for “costume play” which is simply put, dressing up in costume as a specific character from any sort of genre of storytelling