Netflix takes over students’ lives


Caroline Jones browses netflix

“I spend more time watching Netflix during the week than I do doing homework,” Decatur sophomore Caroline Jones said as she flipped through the different TV shows. “I think that’s probably bad.”

Students’ lives are affected everyday by technology and other distractions.

“It’s awesome because when you finish the show you were just watching on Netflix, you don’t have to do anything and they play the next episode,” sophomore Dante Ramirez said pointing at his computer screen. “That’s innovative. Who would have ever thought to do that?”

Some think of Netflix as more than just a way to watch their favorite shows and movies, but Netflix is as their excuse.

“Sometimes friends ask me to hangout but I just don’t want to because I’ll be watching Gossip Girl and I can’t find the motivation to get off the couch,” Rachel Rothman, also a Decatur sophomore, said.

Some students have even noticed a drop in their grades, partly because of Netflix. “I don’t like to study, but I love to watch TV,” Ramirez said. “I don’t need perfect grades in every class.”

“Netflix is my escape. It’s not even just a feature on my TV anymore, it’s so much more than that,” Rothman said as

“I’m officially obsessed,” Jones said.

Is this obsession just human or is it more deep rooted than that? Rothman’s father Eric Rothman doesn’t know what to think of it.

“Sometimes, I don’t see Rachel for a day because she’s in her room watching Netflix. She only comes downstairs for food.”