Taking photography to the next level

Jones enjoys taking pictures of nature to capture it’s beauty.

“I’ve never really liked being in pictures because I always enjoyed taking them more,” sophomore Caroline Jones said.

 At an early age, her uncle introduced her into the world of photography. “My uncle is a professional photographer so I definitely picked up some skills and traits from him,” she said.

This year for her personal project, Jones pushed her skills to the next level by creating her own photography blog on Tumblr. On the site, there are a variety of pictures taken and edited by Jones herself.

“At first, I was planning to take pictures of different clothes but I realized it wasn’t really what I was interested in and I decided to focus the project more on photography itself,” she said.

Claire Jones is a recurring face in many of her sister’s pictures.

Jones has received numerous comments about her blog, most of which have been positive. “The site really represents the kind of person Caroline is, she put a lot of time into creating it and I couldn’t be more proud of the finish product,” said close friend, Sydney Rhame. Rhame, along with several other Decatur students were featured on the site.

Jones plans to continue taking pictures whether it be for her blog or not.

“I’ve always loved how you can take a picture of something beautiful, have it come out different than you expected, but yet still be beautiful.”