What to do with that unused bike in your garage

Think back to the days of when we were young, wild and free. The days when one was excited to stay up past 6 pm. The days when a determined toddler gave sweat and blood to learn how to ride a bike.

Now, several years later, with training wheels and coaster brakes off, that kid’s first bike sits alone and abandoned in the garage. The outgrown relic is merely a rusted, dilapidated, nostalgia-inducing hunk of junk. The question arises: to scrap or not to scrap?

At this crucial fork in the road, there is a way to set things right. There is a way to save the bike, your childhood memories and even the environment all at the same time. This brief list of weekend projects from the neighborhood and the web will leave one’s mind full of fun and creative ideas to put the pedal to the metal once more. Some of these ideas work on functioning bicycles too.

1. Tricked out bike

Skowronek outfitted his bicycle with tires and suspension that can handle this 6-foot drop.
Skowronek outfitted his bicycle with tires and suspension that can handle this 6-foot drop.

Decatur sophomore Nick Skowronek took his ordinary bicycle and fitted it with various upgraded parts to make this super cool creation. From mud guards to disc brakes, this ride has it all. “For me, it’s all about the adrenaline,” Skowronek said.


2. Pendulum clock bicycle

Toon Boumans made this exceptional contraption and took it to the Maker Faire in Kerkrade, Netherlands. YouTuber Berto A made this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=playe r_embedded&v=hD6m-HGg8sA

 3. Bike LED reflectors Andalib_3

If you want to show your retro flair, try attaching a flashing LED light to the wheel of your bike. A bright neon streak in the spokes of your tires makes for a pronounced statement as you whiz down the road.

4. Bike wheel spice rack


Bobvila.com’s Lazy Susan uses the old wheel from a bike to spin spices round and round. Much more accessible than a stuffed cupboard, this twirling disc makes breakfast and cooking fun and eccentric.