Santa Claus: Mishaps and Memories


Whether they idolized him, questioned him, or feared him, almost everyone’s got a story to tell about an experience with Santa Claus. Kids line up in department stores and malls every year just to sit on the big man’s lap and tell him their deepest desire – but when the Kris Kringle run-in actually happens, how do they react?

Sophomore Carter Harris saw jolly Saint Nick in a Golden Corral at the tender age of five.

“I kept seeing this man who looked like Santa, and I just stared,” she said. “When I walked by he grabbed me and was like, ‘I heard you’ve been very good this year.’”

Santa then pulled a picture of himself and Mrs. Claus in red and white regalia from his suspenders and gave it to Harris.

“I don’t know if that’s funny or creepy, but the moral is Golden Corral is a place where dreams come true, basically,” she said.

Another sophomore, Jonathan Thomas, recalls a more intense memory. While he loved Santa, he was terrified of elves.

“When the elf came to pick me up and put me on Santa’s lap, I kicked him in the shin and ran off crying,” he said. “They immediately … kicked me out.”

Fear also played a big part in senior Alex Foster’s three-year-old Santa Claus encounter.

“When I got on his lap I started to get scared and cried,” he said. “My parents still wanted a picture, though, so rather than doing the humane thing and taking me home, my mom sat on Santa’s lap with me, and I stopped crying.”

Father Christmas didn’t seem to mind.

“As long as I stopped crying, he didn’t care,” Foster said. “I think he lau