Guess Who? Teacher Edition

I was grounded the longest when…

A:  “I bit my own arm and then went and told my mom and dad my sister bit me. They didn’t catch me until they measured our bite marks.”

B:  “My mom caught me skipping Sunday school and going to the donut shop instead. I got in more trouble than I ever did for skipping school”

C:  “I got caught smoking [cigarettes] on school property and I got suspended from school.”

D:  “My parents thought I took the car without their permission. I thought I had permission, and they must have forgotten. When I came home they had deadbolted all the doors and my bags were outside on the front porch, stuffed with my clothes.”

Answers: A: Custer, B: Souther, C: Rostolsky, D: Emamaulle


“I punched my little brother in the face.” – Madison Hatfield

“I was in college and my parents went on a trip to Alaska but I didn’t go with them. I had a couple parties in the house, and I cleaned it up, I thought. Then, my parents were at home and they found some evidence.” – Stephan Gathany

“I was never grounded because I was never caught doing anything wrong.” – Debra LeDoux

“I was grounded the longest when I backed my car into a telephone pole.” – Mark Jones