An Afternoon at Java Monkey (VIDEO)

What happens on the patio of local coffee shop

You’ve most likely seen them. While walking down Church St. – in what’s considered “the heart” of Decatur – guitar strumming, energetic voices, and a lot of laughter is not unusual. For the teenagers producing the sounds bouncing off the outdoor walls of Java Monkey’s patio, this is a normal day. Watch and learn what an afternoon at Java is really like.

Caption: Senior David Krueger started coming to Java regularly just a few weeks ago. He first came with fellow senior Emily Kinzer (left).

Getting to know the Java Crowd:  Super Fast Facts with Senior David Krueger:

Audrey Baxter:  What’s your favorite Java Monkey beverage?

David Krueger: Cappuccino.


AB: If you had to describe Java Monkey in three words, what would it be?

DK: Relaxed, friendly. That’s pretty much it.


AB: How long have you been a frequent visitor to Java Monkey?

DK: I have only recently become a regular.


AB: Do you have a favorite band that performs at Java Monkey?

DK: Nope, although there’s a lot of great local sound.


AB: If Java Monkey had a fire, what would be the one thing you would grab?

DK: The sick typewriter by the patio door.