Student teaches ballet to kids

Student teaches ballet to kids

Many students spend their senior year searching for jobs, but senior Briana Cook has already found a job within her passion for dance.

Cook teaches two to six year old girls at a dance studio called I Am Movement located in Atlanta, GA. Unlike most jobs, she isn’t paid in salary but she does gain volunteer hours.

Recently her students participated in the BRAVO dance competition. “I was very nervous because once we got closer to actually competing, the kids seemed to forget their choreography,” Cook said.

However, her students were awarded the second highest award given which is the platinum award. They also received a special judges award.

“Briana is very dedicated to her students and will spend as much time as she can with them,” LaShan Cook, Cook’s mother, said.

Due to the fact that she spends so much time with her students, Briana has to say no to some friend events.

“I have no problem not being able to go to every party because I love my students and they are such a pleasure to be around,” Cook said.