Finally, a doughnut shop in Decatur

Revolution Doughnuts opened on June 1, 2012, which is National Doughnut Day.

Revolution Doughnuts opened on June 1, 2012, which is National Doughnut Day.

Revolution Doughnuts is a new doughnut place in Decatur owned by Maria Moore Riggs and her husband.

Starting out, Revolution Doughnuts sold doughnuts at the Saturday market under the name “Little Red Hen Bakery,” and now they have their own business on West College Avenue.

“We opened a location in downtown Atlanta, but it didn’t do so well so we closed it down. We decided to try again in Decatur, but we knew that this time we had to get it right,” owner Maria Moore Riggs said.

Riggs and her husband used their retirement fund to start up the place, but replaced the money using Kickstarter.

“We had to have our kitchen to a certain standard and we had to get new walls put in so there would be a bathroom,” Riggs said.

In preparation for the new location, remodeling was done and furnishings came from various places.

“The tables and chairs that we have were left by the business previously in the building. The counter that we have we got off of Craigslist and a friend of ours repainted it,” Riggs said.

In remodeling the venue, Riggs wanted to go with a retro look.

One Decatur student, Autumn Kirkendall, was ecstatic that she got a job there.

“I came by day after day asking about a job and Maria kept telling me ‘no sorry we don’t have any openings,’ but finally she gave me a job,” Kirkendall said.

Revolution has attracted a huge vegan following as their doughnuts allow a new segment of the population that couldn’t eat doughnuts to now have them.

“We use organic flour, fruit to make the frosting, and we use gluten free products,” Riggs said.

Revolution has many different choices including the nutella cream puffs, salted caramel and bacon, and carrot cake.