Decatur’s Biggest Loser competition makes losing a win


Participants of Decatur’s Biggest Loser workout with David Nash’s personal fitness program, held inside of Leaping Lizards.

2013 is still new, which means everybody is looking forward to a better year. People say that they’ll work out more, lose 15 pounds and stop eating sweets as much. After the first few weeks in, they become empty promises.

Decatur is now helping people follow through with their fitness goals. In the first ever Decatur’s Biggest Loser competition, losing weight could help you win. The “biggest loser” for both males and females wins $500 in cash and $400 with CertaPro Paint, a local business owned by Jeremy Rhett, founder of the program.

Co-founder David Nash owns Pinnacle Fitness, a boot camp-style fitness program. Although the competition is won by the most weight lost, both Rhett and Nash agree that overall fitness is the purpose.

“The easiest thing to measure is just weight, so the percentage of weight lost wins the competition,” Rhett said. “We’re encouraging people not to just look at weight, but how fit they are.”

Nash prefers to call “weight-loss” more of a “fat-loss.” In the first two weeks, one man lost 10 pounds. Another woman discovered she mindlessly snacked, cutting the habit and four pounds out of her life.

“We’re changing lives here,” Nash said.

Rhett also participates in the competition, even though he isn’t eligible to win. He lost weight, although he was pretty fit to begin with.

Nash, on the other hand, originally got involved in fitness after he did a minor bodybuilding show. He began to teach physical education and soon after started Pinnacle Fitness.

“If you want to look like a bodybuilder or a fitness model, you’ve got to train like one,” Nash said. “These people work hard, they don’t go to jazzercise, a little class or something like that,” he said, “[they’re hitting] the weights pretty hard.”

Although some competitors need to lose more weight than others, it motivates everybody to get in shape.

“There are so many diet fads out there,” Rhett said. “We didn’t want this to be about ‘Okay, go on a diet.’ We wanted it to be about learning more about a healthy lifestyle.”