Looking through my lens


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Junior Kristin Munson is pursuing photography through summer internships and scholarship programs. She says that although she was intrigued by photography in middle school, it wasn’t until she was sixteen, when she was given a professional camera, that she really delved into this talent.

“I would just shoot my friends and random objects,” Munson said. “Then the day I turned sixteen I got my professional camera and from then on it just really enhanced my interest in photography.”

Munson’s interest led her to participate in an internship over the summer that allowed her to work for the newspaper The DeKalb Champion. Through this program, two of her photos were published, which lead other magazines to contact her about their interest in her work. From this, she was able to do spreads in other magazines, including local magazine The Decatur Focus.

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Currently, Munson is enrolling in a program called the  National Young Arts Program. She had to submit her best photos and a sample from a photoshoot. She will find out if she qualifies this month. This program is for all students involved in various forms of art (visual, performing and literary) with opportunities that can be the beginning of their careers. She is already looking at S.C.A.D., School of Art Institute, and various other art colleges where she could further develop her photography skills.

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The National Young Arts Foundation, created in 1981, can provide young artists with access to scholarships, mentors, and even national recognition of their work. Many famous actors and artists have emerged from this program.

Munson mainly takes pictures of her friends and candid shots. “I really like to capture people’s expressions, and basically just tell a story through pictures.” Munson said.

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