Local soccer cup

Local soccer cup

The Decatur Cup, the prize to winning the tournament.

The Decatur Cup, an annual soccer tournament where Decatur based teams play to bring a community closer together. Various multi-colored jerseys storm Agnes Scott’s track field to play Soccer, and if they win, they get a big silver Championship Cup. It takes a lot of effort to get something like this off the ground, so over the last few years two men have spent considerable time and effort organizing this event. Andrew Hall and Tim Wagner, two Decatur dads, have invested their time to do just that.

Five years ago, the Decatur Cup didn’t exist. Instead, small factions from Decatur Soccer Teams, just “messing around” as Tim Wagner put it, played in just-for-fun tournaments. But Wagner decided that they should get a bit more organized. So he set out with a goal. He wanted to make it a serious, but also keep a “Tournament Mission; to keep it all locally based, and Pub sponsored”. He brought on Andrew Hall, they now split the responsibility 50/50.

Tim and Andrew have done a wonderful job at keeping up this Mission, the funds for the field and T-shirts comes from Local Pubs and team fees. Players are all Decatur Soccer teams. The Cup is totally Non-for-profit, and it shows. “[the money] comes in, and goes right back out” said Wagner. The money earned from private individual donations, and team fees goes directly to T’s and field funds. It also distributes to food and water for the tournament. “We’re not trying to make a profit, but if we do, we try and find an appropriate cause. Like charities and such” said Hall.

These two will continue to run the cup for as long as they can. So if your dad loves soccer, and wants to come play for a team, send him over to a local Pub FC to sign up. Come and watch the teams play this summer and see who will get the Cup.