Lack of track and swimming facilities


Although Roller is not opposed or frustrated with the off campus facilities, track veteran and senior Marlon Joyner feels differently. “It’s unfair sometimes, but I guess you just gotta use what you got,” Joyner said. Even though track runners do not have extra equipment to carry, the field players do. “It is a hassle,” Joyner said. “I have to carry my 12 pound shot put and my 10 pound discus to practice basically every day. I also have to carry all of my school things with me.”

During the spring sports season, Decatur track goes off campus as they split for practice. The runners go to Agnes Scott’s track and the field players go to Renfroe. Much like the track team, during the winter season Decatur swimmers head off campus. They practice at Agnes Scott four scheduled days a week: two mornings at 6:30 am and two afternoons at 4 pm.