Decatur Farmers Market attracts people and businesses who “care” about their food


The market’s most popular produce changes with the seasons. The new favorite that seems to be a hit are the ripe and juicy Georgia peaches!

Around 7 a.m. every Saturday across the street from the DeKalb County Courthouse, tents rise and tables fill with produce, pastries, and many other products. By 9 a.m., customers trickle in, and smile at the vendors. Perhaps they will try a few samples or walk away with their week’s groceries in hand. Whatever their motive, the Decatur Farmers Market has been “a gathering place for people who care about their food since 2002,” according to the market’s slogan.

The Decatur Farmers Market operates year round on Wednesdays and Saturdays in two locations – across from the courthouse on Saturdays and in the Bank Bank of America parking lot near McDonalds on Wednesdays.

Farms and restaurants of many varieties use markets like this to promote their business and the common cause of eating and buying food locally. In fact, the market only accepts organic or sustainable farmers and organic or sustainable food producers.

Maria Moore Riggs, who is just beginning a family owned retail doughnut shop in Decatur, credits the faith of her starting customer base to the success she has found at local farmers markets like Decatur’s. For two years, Riggs and her family have fallen in love with the markets and all that come with them. “The [Decatur] Farmers Market is more for networking and promoting our business than anything else, and that’s been very nice,” Riggs said. She plans to open up shop in the coming weeks, going by the name Revolution Doughnuts (see “For the sake of doughnuts” by Madelyn Carlson for more on Revolution Doughnuts).

A website with a bi-weekly blog that lists Wednesday’s and Saturday’s offerings keeps the community informed. Shoppers have said they enjoy this market because of “its abundant selection, scenic backdrop and prime location in the city center of Decatur.”