An alternative to the average Spring Break


Every spring break, high school and college students take an exodus to the beach. A beach trip isn’t the only thing to do on spring break, though. Another way to spend a week off is through the Alternative Spring Break program.

The program is integrated at colleges and universities around the country. Alternative Spring Break allows college students to travel to a city and volunteer for the week. The University of Georgia (UGA) took students to Miami and Philadelphia in 2010. The program – now known as IMPACT – at UGA started in 1994.

Each trip involves a different social issue at hand. For example, a trip students from Emory University took focused on disaster relief and recovery.

According to Caitlin Kelly, a student involved with IMPACT at UGA, Alternative Spring Break helps students achieve a new perspective on social issues.

Now, the program is for college students solely. After a couple of beach trips for spring break, maybe try the alternative and do something new.