Mac vs PC


Should you buy a Mac or should you buy a PC? This is a question that many private owners, as well as larger entities such as schools, have been asking themselves for a long time.

But which computer is truly the superior machine? While there is factual evidence to support either side, the high school, and Decatur City Schools in general, has chosen the path of the Macintosh computer.

Macs can be found in the library, the computer labs, and in every teacher’s classroom. This is the result of a Board of Education action item in 2007, where City Schools of Decatur and its Director of Technology, Mary Farmer, made the decision to purchase and use Mac computers in the school system. When asked about the decision, Farmer said, “We have found over a number of years Apple products continue to need less repair, less time out of service for break and fix issues at schools, and last longer.”

As Director Of Technology, Farmer then made the decision to use Macs in the school system. One of the biggest deciding factors was the issue of viruses. “Even with anti-virus software, we find viruses on Windows machines to be quite time consuming to resolve.” Farmer said. “While no computer is ever virus-free, Apple computers have very, very few virus issues.”

With this in mind, Macs seem like the obvious choice – right? Not according to sophomore Autumn Kirkendall. She believes that PCs are the better choice. “They’re basically the same machine, except Apple is just marketed to look cooler, and the products cost a lot more.” Kirkendall owns only a PC. “Im thinking about buying a laptop,” she said. “And I’d rather get something I can actually afford.”

Even with the larger price tag, Farmer still feels confident in the system’s choice, “No product is perfect,” Farmer said. “But finding what works best for ongoing use instructionally and technically has always been our objective.”

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