Brace yourself


A dollar can’t buy you everything, but it can get you a bandana bracelet.

Sophomore Jessica Chatman makes bandana bracelets and sells them for a dollar each. Although she is making a profit from them, she used to just do it for fun. “The bracelets really began as a hobby. I wanted a creative, yet thoughtful gift to make my best friends for special holidays and the bracelets seemed to be in style. They loved them and people began asking for them. Before I knew it, I was selling several a day for one dollar,” Chatman said. Chatman loves making the bracelets, but her customers love the bracelets more. Sophomore Nicolette Rumph is one of Chatman’s valued customers. “I just love her bracelets! I have bought ten from her, and they are so adorable. I wear my pink one everyday, only because pink is my favorite color,” Rumph said. Check out this video to see how to make your own bandana bracelet.

[vimeo 41288267 nolink]