Indie tops Decatur’s charts


Music is a big part of Lucy Phipps-Kaye’s life.

The most searched person of 2011 was none other than pop sensation Justin Bieber, according to The Washington Post. Pop artists similar to Bieber, such as Katy Perry, Rhianna and Taylor Swift reside on Billboard’s top 100 hits along with the mainstream rap and hip-hop artists such as Lil Wayne and Drake. These artists hold steady spots on the mainstream music charts.

For a handful of Decatur students, the music they hear on the radio is not the music their friends listen to by choice. Junior Lucy Phipps-Kaye adores Taylor Swift, and she can name any of her songs by hearing just the first few beats. Although she adores Swift, Phipps-Kaye finds it hard to admit her admiration to a majority of her classmates. “Taylor Swift is my favorite singer, but I’m always scared to say that out loud,” she said.

“Indie tends to be a lot more in,” junior Rae Leonard said. Music of choice for many Decatur students consists of Bon Iver, Sleigh Bells and The Black Keys, not Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift. “The average teenager at DHS does not like Justin Bieber, and they probably have some ridiculous opinion about him. So yes, [Justin Bieber fans] do get made fun of for liking him,” Leonard said.

Students’ music tastes affect what people think of them. “I do admit to sometimes judging people for things like a complete lack of variety [in music taste], or the fact that they only have every single radio hit,” Leonard said.

While Leonard admits to sometimes judging people on their music choices, Phipps-Kaye thinks that is unfortunate. “I think music should be music. You like what you like, and its not anyone’s fault. You can’t judge a person by a sense, in this case their sense of sound,” Phipps-Kaye said.

“The point of music is finding something that makes you not necessarily happy, but makes you feel. It shouldn’t be about who sings it, or what genre it belongs in, but what it means to the person. Every person has their own connection to each song, and to tell them it’s wrong or bad is completely unfair. Music is a constant, why would you want to take that away from someone?” she said.