New teachers reflect on first semester


David Custer, Chris Watkinson, and Carlos Cardoza all come from different backgrounds, but hey have one thing in common. They are all new teachers at Decatur.

Carlos Cardoza knows Decatur. He graduated from the school in 2005 and went on to graduate from Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah with a degree in health and physical education. When he decided that baseball wasn’t his future, he chose education. “I was in Puerto Rico, and baseball was not something I knew I was going to be doing in ten years. When I started my search for a good teaching job, there was nothing in Puerto Rico, so I came straight to Decatur.”

Cardoza knows what he has to do in the future. “My goals for next year are to keep refining my style and how I deliver the content. I want to find what methods work best for me.”

Christopher Watkinson’s career took a major shift when he came to Decatur. A former zoo keeper at Zoo Atlanta, he went from feeding animals to mixing chemicals. He says that it’s the people that brought him to education. “I was a zookeeper, which was my childhood dream. I lived my childhood dream and then decided I wanted to help other people achieve or realize theirs. I felt like teaching would be a great place to make that happen.”

David Custer, a math teacher for over ten years, came from Salem High School in Conyers. When asked about what he liked best about Decatur, he jokingly replies, “besides not having to drive 45 minutes to work?” His goals for the future include things such as creating a calculator loan program, which he thinks would benefit the math program.

Custer is also impressed with his fellow teachers. “The staff here is really good at what they do. They really know their content.”