Decatur High School

Furthering Français

Faith Huh, Dec crew

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With the IB program in place, the freshmen and sophomores are required to take more foreign language classes during their high school years. Although it is common for freshmen to skip Spanish I and II and sometimes III because of prior knowledge, it’s rare for this to happen in French.

Freshmen Katherine Davis became the exception by taking French IV her first year at Decatur. Davis went to Atlanta International School for middle school and took three years of French as well as Mandarin. Her love for languages continued on to high school.

However, it is not unusual that Davis loves French because of her background. Davis lived in Quebec for three years while her mother was getting her Masters in French. Davis’s father and brother also speak the language.

At first, Davis thought it would be awkward taking French IV with upperclassmen, but she made friends. “It [wasn’t] scary,” Davis said. “People in my class are super nice to me.” Davis wishes to continue her education in foreign languages after high school.

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Decatur High School
Furthering Français