Decatur High School

Inexperienced driver wrecks car and pays time

Abby Olson, DEC crew

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Driving is one of those experiences that marks a new part of your life. For most, it symbolizes a new-found freedom in being able to go farther faster. But for Charlie Fisher, driving brought a much harsher experience to him: court time.

Charlie Fisher is 15 years old, a sophomore in high school with just a learner’s permit, and has already been in his first car accident. Although this doesn’t seem like it strays from the norm, Fisher crashed right into a school bus, which is government property.

The fact that he hit a school bus pulled Fisher into a trial and quite a bit of trouble. “ I went to court in the middle of a school day, so everyone knew about it,” Fisher said. He ended up with 10 hours of community service and a warning to be more careful as a driver.

Although a car crash can be a very eye opening experience, Fisher’s biggest reaction was to how others responded to his accident. “For some reason, everyone thought the bus was parked. It definitely wasn’t,” Fisher said. The week after he hit the school bus, all anyone would ask him was if he was really that bad of a driver.

Those who have their doubts can rest assured. Fisher has been back on the road with his dad, starting with the simple things like driving in a mall parking lot, and moving up to what he had trouble with more recently, driving in traffic. “I’ve definitely gotten more confident, and I won’t crash again,” said Fisher.

Fisher turns 16 in August, which means he has plenty of time to practice driving before getting his driver’s license.

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Decatur High School
Inexperienced driver wrecks car and pays time